About Bee Resources

The Surrey Beekeepers Association strives to evaluate resources of bee-keeping knowledge before publishing and present sources which are reliable and relevant for beekepers in Surrey and the Lower Mainland.

Information about bees and their behaviour, challenges, threats, keeping, you name it, can be found abundantly on the internet. Whereas this is a great opportunity, it has it's challenges. The biggest of them is to decide on the relevance and reliability of the shared knowledge.


One factor influencing relevance is, for instance, geographical. Experience of beekeepers in South America is based on different environmental factors their bees have to deal with, as compared to most, or all Canadian locations. But even a beekeeper in the Valley (e.g. Abottsford) deals with different factors influencing his bees than one in the gardens of South Surrey.

Reliability might be the more difficult judgement to make. In the absence of other information, we tend to link reliability to the source of the knowledge. The Vancouver Sun has a reputation, which is different from the one of The Province. Depending on our preferences, we may rely more on the one or the other.