Inside the hive in October

Make sure your bottom board is clean and that you have a top vent. 

It is necessary to have a top vent in winter to allow the carbon dioxide and moisture to go out of the hive and to keep an air flow throughout the hive. 
Still keep a reduced entrance in the bottom of the hive to allow the air to flow through. 
Finish feeding the hive/s. You should have approximately 1 box of honey and pollen for each colony to overwinter with, 2 frames being pollen and the rest honey. Place the pollen frames as close to the center of the box as possible. The bees will move up into it. 
Complete any yard cleanup. Cleanup and store your gear properly. If you have any black frames try to put them aside to be culled out later.
You may want to make a wind break for your hives to keep them out of the cold winter winds. 
You may consider if you have a solid bottom board to make sure the hive is on a slight angle to the opening to allow any rain water to run out not in. 

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