Rendering Wax

The first step in making products, which use wax, is rendering bees-wax. After honey harvest, you are left with the cappings of the honeycomb. This is the main source for producing beeswax. And of course, since life is not meant to be easy, the wax cappings are mixed with honey and debris from the extraction process.

In order to use the bees-wax, it has to be rendered. The goal is to get rid of as much of the impurities as possible. In particular for candle-making, it is important to get rid of the honey and it's sugar. The success of the rendering (cleaning) cannot be determined by just the colour of the wax. White bees-wax is the result of additional processing after rendering, and some of these processes use chemicals, e.g. bleach, to achieve the result. Typically, your wax should have a creamy golden colour, and your hand should not feel sticky, when handling. If you hands get sticky, when you work with the wax, it is a sign that there is still too much sugar (honey) left. Using such wax makes candles, which do not burn well.

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